The NACBA Executive Board is composed of a Board of Directors (voting members) as well as At-Large Board Members. At-Large members are selected from longstanding organizations who have demonstrated a continued commitment to the interests of the NACBA. In addition, the designated host city may also elect to seat one member of their organization on the at-large board for the duration of that year’s tournament.

Board of Directors
Onyen Yong, Boston Knights, Senior Advisor
Harry Leong, Philadelphia Suns, Co-Chairman
Denny Lee, New York Rockits, Co-Chairman
Ron Yeung, Toronto CCYAA, Clerk

At-Large Board Member
Jenny Chan, New York Sabres
John Chan, Chicago Dragons
Richard Chin, Montreal MMAC
Roderick Dow, Boston Knights
Greg Eng, Vancouver Strathcona
Jenny Leung, Philadelphia Suns
Kevin Low, New York Rockits
Albert Tseng, Toronto CCYAA
Christine Vuong, Toronto CCYAA

Gene Lee, Chicago Dragons

Rules Committee
The rules committee was established in 2007 by the NACBA Executive Board to serve as intermediaries with the officials, to determine any additional points of emphasis, and to interpret/modify any current NCAA rules on behalf of the NACBA. The NACBA utilizes modified current NCAA Men's Rules in all divisions of play.

Tony Ling, Chicago Dragons, Chairman and Head Rules Interpreter
Jeff Fong, Toronto CCYAA

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