• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.

1 Gene Lee Chicago Dragons In a tournament run by the players for the players, Gene is the clear choice as the NACBAIT’s top player of all time.
Rank Player Team Comments
2 Onyen Yong Boston Knights Onyen’s contributions to the NACBAIT have been invaluable. Formerly as the NACBA Chairman, and now as an Advisor, he has given the Tournament structure and provided much needed direction as the Tournament has grown to over 50 teams annually
3 Denny Lee New York Rockits Denny is one of the people most responsible for the Tournament’s rapid growth and places an emphasis on the NACBAIT’s future. Also possesses a deadly outside shot.
4 Harry Leong Philadelphia Suns Harry is notorious for his spiderman defense, his unselfish play, relentless offensive rebounding, and his all-out hustle from the point guard position.
5 Phil Chang San Francisco Saints At 6-4, he could really play tough down on the block and then step out to handle the ball or nail the 15 footer. Played on 4 title teams.
6 Richard Chang San Francisco Saints An NBA Draft pick, 6-6 Richard combined size, skill, and success as he consistently led the Saints to victory. This former MVP and All-Star could play either inside or outside, and could handle the rock amazingly for someone with his size
7 Conant Chi San Francisco Saints A high caliber offensive player who comes through in the clutch. He can shoot the ball from anywhere, and he has great court vision. A member of the 3-time Champion Hung Kuo Elephants of the Taiwan Pro League. Conant is a star among stars.
8 Robert Choy
Chicago Dragons An easy choice for the top 25, Robert has been a cornerstone of the Dragons organization for years. He does it all for Chicago, with his scoring, defense, and leadership.
9 Ed Chu Boston Knights Big Ed is one of the all time great centers in the NACBAIT. He is the Cal Ripken of the NACBAIT, and earns his way onto the All-Tournament team almost every year through hard work and great skills.
10 Joe Diep Los Angeles Alpine One of the Tournament’s unsung heroes, Joe did his thing under the radar. Joe has been regarded as the top all around player in the team’s storied history. He was the silent assassin who was a key component to the LA championship teams, doing all the dirty work to get those wins.
11 Robert Fong San Francisco Saints Rob can still get it done, as exemplified by his MVP performance in the 2003 Las Vegas NACBAIT. A 3-time MVP, Rob was a very graceful player with deceptive moves. 10-time Champion.
12 Beaver Ho New Jersey Pirates Possibly the top scorer in the Tournament’s 25 years. He is one of the players who everyone knows on a first name basis. Beaver is one of the true NACBAIT legends, having been a member of 4 Championship squads
13 Benny Hoang Los Angeles Alpine The Infamous Double Zero. Perhaps the fastest player to ever play in the NACBAIT, he is a one man press wreaking havoc on opposing teams. A member of 6 Championship teams.
14 Dennis Jew San Francisco Saints A 6-1 small forward who might be the best pure shooter to ever play in the Tournament. He was money in the bank. Although he was already 31 by the time the NACBAIT began in 1981, Dennis showed commitment and love for the game as he played well into his 40’s and took home 8 titles.
15 Kyle Kiang Seattle Bladerunners One of the players who has attracted the most attention throughout his tenure at the tournament thanks to a rare combination of size and skill. He has been named to the All-Tournament Team "countless times".
16 Brookie Lee Philadelphia Suns Brookie was pretty much unstoppable once he got the ball, as he utilized his array of moves to keep his defenders off balance. MVP of the 2002 NACBAIT in DC.
17 Chris Lee Washington CYC A 4-time All-Tournament selection, Chris succeeds by possessing the special combination of superior fundamentals and outstanding quickness. Outstanding court awareness, hustle, and leadership.
18 Denny Lee Toronto CCYAA Denny has been the best Chinese player in Canada for years now. At 6-2, he plays tough, he can play defense, he can rebound, he can score, and is a consummate team player.
19 Sam Lee San Francisco Duke A former MVP and 3 time All-Star, he could play both ends of the floor despite standing only 5-8. Outstanding quickness and leaping ability helped Sam be a part of 9 NACBAIT titles. Famous for his midrange. An 18-time participant at the Tournament.
20 Jerry Lew Los Angeles Alpines Jerry was the man in LA. Standing 5-8, this guy had flair, flash, skills, and stats to go along with the wins. He led LA to their first title in ’88.
21 Kevin Low New York Rockits As a 6-3 forward with skills, Kevin dominated his opponents on the boards and on the low block. He also had the ability to handle the ball, to step out to swish the jumper, and he was money from the charity stripe.
22 Sammy Moy Boston Wing Wor A steady influence since the early 90’s, Sammy is a tremendous leader with a fundamentally sound game and a great stroke.

Oak Nguyen

Boston Freemasons MVP of the 2004 Montreal NACBAIT. Oak has been one of the most exciting guards to watch over the past decade.
24 Tony Pau New York Titans One of NYC’s top point men for years, Tony was often overshadowed by superstar types. Tony was a speedster who was always a step ahead, and controlled the tempo of the game.
25 Jim Shih Seattle Bladerunners A four-time MVP of the NACBAIT. The Tournament’s toughest post man in recent years, Jim is often overshadowed by flashier players, but he really gets the job done with uncanny efficiency and effort.
26 Tony Hu New York Cruisers A great leader with a true love of the game, Tony has been an All-Tournament selection 5 times.  Once he gets the ball anywhere near the hoop, he’s automatic on postups and turnarounds.  With an ever improving outside shot and a strong drive to the bucket, Hu has become one of the most complete weapons in the Tournament.
27 Jeffrey Lee Washington CYC Jeffrey has been one of the premier guards in the NACBA since 1996 at the young age of 16. His low to the ground style and ability to stay 2 steps ahead of the play have made Lee one of the few players who have been able to compete for 3 decades in the Men’s Elite. He has directed his team to 6 Final Fours and 2 Championship games, and has been a part of the All-NACBA team for 6 straight years.
28 Tony Ling Chicago Wing Wor This former Northwestern Wildcat PG has been one of the NACBA’s most recognized faces since he began in 1994. With an uncanny knack for being in the right spot at the right time, and for leading his team to big wins, Tony’s squads have reached 4 Final Fours and 2 title games.
29 Austin Yuen Seattle Bladerunners The 2009 MVP, Austin combines grace, athleticism, and superior decision making. This versatile package of tools has led helped drive Yuen’s team to the NACBAIT title each year he has played. A humble player with a stellar team-first attitude, Yuen is able to fill the role of distributor, scorer, defender, or whatever else his team needs him to do.
30 Richard Zhu Toronto CCYAA Sr. Richard’s game can be described in one word: unstoppable. With the ability to hit the trifecta, score in the post, sink all his free throws, and the unselfishness to pass out of double and triple teams, Richard is a complete player. It’s no wonder that he has been named the Most Valuable Player four times.