• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.

Mens Elite

Pool A LA Alpine 3-0, Seattle Bladerunners 2-1, NY RL Cruisers 1-2, Markham FCCM 0-3
Pool B Washington CYC A 3-0, NY USAB A 2-1, Toronto Titans 1-2, Toronto Dragons A 0-3
1st Rd NY RL Cruisers def Tor Dragons A
1st Rd Toronto Titans def Markham FCCM
QF NY USAB A def NY RL Cruisers
QF Seattle Bladerunners def Toronto Titans
Semi LA Alpine def NY USAB A
Semi Seattle Bladerunners def Washington CYC A
Finals Seattle Bladerunners def LA Alpine

Stephen Chang, Seattle Bladerunners (Co-MVP)
Wes Hsu, Seattle Bladerunners (Co-MVP)
Tim Wang, Seattle Bladerunners
Austin Yuen, Seattle Bladerunners
Jonathan Chu, LA Alpine
James Chen, LA Alpine
Long Mao Kevin Hu, LA Alpine
Hank Huang, Wash CYC A
Jeffrey Lee, Wash CYC A
Keith Wang, Wash CYC A
Devin Figueroa, NY USAB A
Chris Chin, NY RL Cruisers
Tony Ho, Toronto Titans

Mens Open

Pool O Vancouver Strathcona 2-0, Philly Suns A 1-1, Cali Davis Dynasty 1-1, Tor DT Raiders 0-2
Pool P Tor Dragons B 2-0, Vanc B2B Saints 1-1, Tor Kagers 0-2
Pool Q Vanc Boiling Point 2-0, NY USAB B 1-1, Winnipeg Storm 0-2
Pool R Vancouver NPG A 2-0, LA Blob City 1-1, NY FBNYC 0-2
1st Rd NY FBNYC def Tor DT Raiders
2nd Rd LA Blob City def Winnepeg Storm
2nd Rd Vanc B2B Saints def Cali Davis Dynasty
2nd Rd Philly Suns A def Tor Kagers
QF Vancouver Strathcona def LA Blob City
QF Tor Dragons B def NY USAB B
QF Vanc Boiling Point def Vanc B2B Saints
QF Philly Suns A def Vanc NPG A
Semi Vancouver Strathcona def Toronto Dragons B
Semi Vancouver Boiling Point def Philly Suns A
Finals Vancouver Boiling Point def Vancouver Strathcona

Will Chiang, Vancouver Boiling Point (MVP)
Phil Mang, Vancouver Boiling Point
Sing Kuk, Vancouver Boiling Point
James Lum, Vancouver Strathcona
Brandon Chan, Vancouver Strathcona
Tommy Wu, Toronto Dragons B
San Mac, Philly Suns A
Edward Fan, Vancouver NPG A
Ken Kuo, Vancouver B2B Saints
Kevin Kwan, LA Blob City
Chi Ming Pun, NY USAB B

Mens Friendship

Pool F Montreal Mars A 2-0, Tor Dragons Alumni 1-1, South Africa 1-1, Philly Suns B 0-2
Pool G Vancouver NPG B 2-0, Boston Knights 1-1, Montreal Mars B 0-2
Pool H LA Everest 2-0, Chicago Metta 1-1, NY Falcons 0-2
1st Rd Montreal Mars B def Philly Suns B
1st Rd South Africa def NY Falcons
QF Montreal Mars A def Montreal Mars B
QF Chicago Metta def Boston Knights
QF LA Everest def Tor Dragons Alumni
QF Vanc NPG B def South Africa
Semifinals Montreal Mars A def Chicago Metta
Semifinals LA Everest def Vanc NPG B
Finals LA Everest def Montreal Mars A

All Tournament
John Chow, LA Everest (MVP)
Tony Hoang, LA Everest
Alex Lee, LA Everest
James Tsai, Montreal Mars A
Steven Ho, Montreal Mars A
Jimmy Zhao, Chicago Metta
Eddie Huang, Vancouver NPG B

Womens Open

Pool W SF ArcAngels 2-0, Seattle SCCA 1-1, Philly Lady Suns 0-2
Pool X Tor Black Dragons 2-0, Wash CYC China Dolls 1-1, Toronto White Tigers 1-1, NY Sabres 0-2
Pool Y LA Aiya 2-0, Tor CCYAA 1-1, Vanc Strathcona 1-1, South Africa Titans 0-2
1st Rd  Toronto Tigers def Philly Lady Suns
1st Rd Wash CYC China Dolls def NY Sabres
1st Rd Vancouver Strathcona def South Africa Titans
QF Toronto Tigers def Toronto Black Dragons
QF Toronto CCYAA def Seattle SCCA
QF LA Aiya def Washington CYC China Dolls
QF SF ArcAngels def Vancouver Strathcona
Semi Toronto CCYAA def Toronto Tigers
Semi SF ArcAngels def LA Aiya
Final SF ArcAngels def Toronto CCYAA

Kelly Tiao, SF ArcAngels (MVP)
Lulue Burton, SF ArcAngels
Heather Lee, SF ArcAngels
Janice Lui, Toronto CCYAA
Cecilia Chan, Toronto CCYAA
Carol Jue, LA Aiya
Linda Ly, LA Aiya
Carrie Leung, Tor Tigers
Tiffany Shen, Seattle SCCA
El Birman, Washington CYC China Dolls
Rachel Niven, Tor Black Dragons

Mens Senior 35

Pool S Tor CCYAA 35 2-0, Chicago Dragons 45 1-1, Seattle Bladewalkers 1-1, Winn Storm 35 0-2
Pool T Chicago Dragons 35 2-0, NY Skyline 1-1, Bost Knights Sr 0-2
1st Rd Bost Knights 35 def Winn Storm 35
QF NY Skyline def Seattle Bladewalkers
QF Chicago Dragons 45 def Boston Knights 35
Semi NY Skyline def Toronto CCYAA 35
Semi Chicago Dragons 35 def Chicago Dragons 45
Finals Chicago Dragons 35 def NY Skyline

Joe Carlini, Chicago Dragons 35 (MVP)
Tony Ling, Chicago Dragons 35
Brian Hale, Chicago Dragons 35
Wilson Wang, NY Skyline
Young Yu, NY Skyline
Perry Lam, Seattle Bladewalkers
Carlton Ten, Toronto CCYAA Sr
Tony Wong, Boston Knights 35

Boys Juniors 18

Pool S Washington CYC 18 2-0, NY USAB/QHCC 18 1-1, Winnipeg Storm 1-1, Vancouver Strathcona 18 0-2
Pool T Tor CCYAA 18 2-0, Philly Suns 18 1-1, Boston Knights 18 0-2
1st Rd Vancouver Strathcona def Boston Knights 18
QF Winnipeg Storm 18 def Philly Suns 18
QF NY USAB/QHCC def Vancouver Strathcona
Semi Washington CYC 18 def Winnipeg Storm 18
Semi NY USAB/QHCC def Tor CCYAA 18
Finals Washington CYC 18 def NY USAB/QHCC 18

All Tournament
Robbie Lim, Washington CYC 18 (MVP)
Justin Kung, Washington CYC 18
Ervin Liang, Washington CYC 18
Matt Xie, NY USAB/QHCC 18
Cody But, NY USAB/QHCC 18
Chris Leung, Toronto CCYAA 18
Jon Chan, Winnipeg Storm 18
Li Deng Chen, Philly Rising Suns