• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.


2013 marks the 15th year that the NACBA has officially hosted a Women’s division. Traveling down a long road that began decades ago with simple exhibition matchups, to the inaugural year of 1999 when 5 teams of pioneering ladies took to the courts, the women of the NACBAIT have certainly had a gigantic on our event.  In 2008, we honored the Top 10 players of the first 10 years, as well as our Most Outstanding player to date.  This year, the NACBA has supplemented the list of big time players, adding 5 more worthy names to our list. These are the players who have made the biggest impact on our tournament over the years.


-- Cecilia Chan Toronto CCYAA A 9-time All-Tournament selection, she earned MVP honors in 2006 when she single-handedly led her Cinderella team to the Championship.   With her dedication to the tournament, her amazing ball skills, and selfless attitude, CC has easily been the most outstanding player in the NACBA for the past 15 years
Rank Player Team Comments
1 Cassie Chi San Francisco Red Coach The 2005 MVP and a two-time Champion, Cassie is a team leader and a deadly scorer from anywhere on the court.  She has 3-point range, can stop on a dime for the pull-up, and never misses a free throw.  With ice running through her veins, Cassie was one of the top players under pressure that the NACBA has ever witnessed.
2 Ann Ching Toronto Black Dragons  Ann Ching is a multitalented, 5-time All-Star do-it-all guard. You name it, she can do it. She rebounds, handles the ball, passes to the open teammate, and scores with ease.  Ann was one of the most impressive players in our 15 years of hosting this division. 
3 Ling Lai Philadelphia Fastbelles Ling has been a 4 time All-Tournament selection and was the 2007 Liberty MVP.  As a long range bomber and superior defender, Ling is one of the best ever to suit up in the City of Brotherly Love.  She plays hard every time she steps foot onto the court and is the most improved player in the history of the tourney, as she has worked her way onto this elite list. 
4 Kalyn Lee Washington CYC China Dolls Kalyn is one of the best all around forwards in the game.  With her height, she can dominate around the hoop at both ends.  With her guard like skills, she can take her game outside to pop the three, or drive to the hole.  The last remaining player from the China Dolls original 1999 Championship team, she continues to provide veteran leadership to the longest tenured program in the NACBA.
5 Angie Leung NY Lady Cruisers / Toronto Dragons A 5-time All-NACBAIT selection at point guard, the diminutive Angie continues to impress us and play at the highest of levels even after all these years.  The biggest crowd pleaser in the game thanks to her slick dribbling show, she is also a top rated scorer and defender.  With her humility and dedication to the game, Angie was a first ballot choice for the Top 10 at 10.   A real ankle breaker.   
6 Kelly Tiao SF ArcAngels Ever since she burst onto the scene back in Vegas, Kelly has been an impact player every Memorial Day weekend.  This two-time MVP has talent unseen in someone her height, as well as the smarts to know how to use her skills to help her team succeed.  A six-time choice for the All-Tournament squad at the Forward slot, Kelly is the most pivotal player for the perennially contending ArcAngels.
7 Allison Welsh LA Aiya A five time All-NACBAIT selection and the 2007 MVP, Allie’s exuberance and desire to score the pressure buckets have made all the difference for the LA Aiya dynasty.  With her proclivity to pop the three and hit the midrange with unmatched consistency, Welsh has been the pivotal crunch time scorer for the NACBA’s most fabled franchise. 
8 Danby Wong Toronto Black Dragons  As a player, Danby’s tough defense and court vision from the forward position have been fundamental to the success of the Toronto Dragons.  As a selfless organizer, she has helped captain the Dragons into an established team on the NACBA circuit.  As our webmaster, her endless efforts have provided the NACBA with a top notch website.  Her unsung efforts behind the scenes over the years have been a key to the growth of the Women’s division and the NACBAIT as a whole.
9 Sabrina Yap LA Aiya Veteran guard Bree was one of the driving forces behind the LA Aiya title runs during the early years of the tourney.  As an all-around player, physical defender, and team leader, Bree’s efforts have helped LA Aiya to 4 Tournament titles.  An athletic and tough minded guard that has made positive contributions to our cause.    
10 Debbie Young LA Aiya The 2001 MVP and a four-time All-Tournament selection, Debbie is an automatic spot up shooter once her feet are set.  Despite her age, she continues to compete at the highest of levels, often emerging victorious over competitors less than half her age.  A consummate hard-nosed team player and one of the best screen setters around, she simply does whatever her team asks her to do.
11 Lee Anne Chong Toronto Black Dragons She has played in every NACBAIT since 1999, and has earned All-NACBA honors twice thanks to her fabulous outside shooting.  The well dressed Chong is a great player for youngsters to emulate, as her play exemplifies how much she understands the game.  With unmatched basketball IQ and a consistently sweet stroke, Lee Anne has earned her way onto the Top 15 list.
12 Cadie Chu Philadelphia Fastbelles Chu is an explosive scorer who can fill the bucket in a variety of ways. Behind the arc, inside the paint, or from the free throw line, Cadie can do it all. She thrives in isolation situations, she knows how to use screens, and she is successful in the open court. Cadie is a special player, and a special young woman with a good head on her shoulders. A positive addition to our list of top tier players.
13 Heather Lee San Francisco ArcAngels Lee can play with the best of them. With a seamless transition game, Heather has been an uber popular two-time All-NACBA pick.  Bystanders are wowed by her court vision, her tough mental makeup, and her high shooting percentage.  Heather is a winner, a good sport, a committed participant, and an NACBA Top 15 player.
14 Kimberly Lee Toronto Black Dragons A multi-platinum MVP winner and 6 time All-NACBA pick, Lee is today’s most complete offensive weapon. She tosses in three-pointers as if they were layups, and she can drive to the hoop with ease.  Kim can score points on anyone, anywhere, anyhow.  Easily one of the best players we have ever witnessed.
15 Tracy Tiao San Francisco ArcAngels This two-time MVP knows how to win. After making a big splash during her rookie 2008 campaign, Tracy’s ArcAngels have won 4 of the 5 years she has taken part in the NACBAIT. A long defender, with excellent anticipatory skills, Tiao is one player who always makes the right play at the right time.