• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.

Written By: Mike Mon
Here are 31 players who will be sure to keep you glued to the edge of your seats at this year’s 31st Annual NACBAIT Championships in Boston.

  1. El Birman, Washington CYC China Dolls. El’s rapid rise to the elite list of PG’s is a testimony to the hard work she has put in over the past 7-8 years.  Now a college player at Bridgeport, she has developed great ballhandling skills and has learned the intricacies of the game so well that she’s like another coach on the court. One of the best floor generals around.  

  2. Stephen Chang, Seattle Bladerunners. The reigning Men’s Elite MVP, Chang made the jump from Arizona Desert Jade to the Seattle Bladerunners last year.  He stepped right in and didn’t miss a beat.  His midrange jumper is sweet, his turnaround is undefendable, and his effort is unquestioned.  Chang simply has a deeply rooted will to win and leaves it all on the floor.  Putting his athletic ability, his skillset, and his attitude together in one man produces one of the most feared competitors in the NACBAIT.
  3. Sabrina Cheng, NY Sabres. This monkey armed swingman leads a Sabres team that has legitimate hopes of getting themselves another Liberty title.  With a diverse combination of abilities and the potential to make jaw dropping plays, Cheng is going to be a star.  Sabrina can conquer any task Coach Law assigns.

  4. Jordan Chiang, Toronto Dragons A. Lil Jordy has track star speed, as he can take his man to the bucket for two, or tally up the dimes once the help side steps up.  He hits big time shots and doesn’t back down from any challenge set before him.  Chiang is one of the most exciting players to watch in the Elite.

  5. Wayne Fung, Philly Suns B.  All year long, Wayne has been the most consistent player on an undersized Suns B team.  Even as opponents have geared their defenses to stop him, he has still been averaging double digits each tournament.  You can’t stop what you can’t catch and Fung’s a roadrunner.

  6. Sidney Giang, LA Aiya.  Sid is a solid combo guard with terrific fundamental play.  She always has her feet set, and is in position to fire off the bounce.  LA will be short on frontline players in Boston, but Giang will do her best to keep their streak of Final Four finishes alive.

  7. Tony Ho, Toronto Titans.  Tony has point guard vision, is unselfish, plays top notch defense, and uses his volleyball player leaping ability to grab tough rebounds in traffic.  One of the most unassuming players in the NACBA as he defers to vets like Carlos Andrade and James Chen, Ho is one of TO’s best kept secrets.

  8. Benny Hoang, LA Alpine.  Agent 00 makes a grand return to the tourney that made him a household name over 10 years ago.  Some things have changed, but Benny’s legend still precedes him.  Once the most feared defenders in the NACBA, this Top 25’er has become a reliable outside shooter and veteran leader in the Jason Kidd mold.  Be sure to see Benny so that you can tell your grandkids you saw him play.

  9. Robbie Huang, Indiana Pandas.  Huang is one of the tournament’s lankiest defenders and he tough, if not a little dirty.  Last year he showcased his skills as a role player for NY FBNYC, but he’s looking to expand his horizons in 2011 as possible All-NACBAIT pick in the Friendship.  Robbie could throw it down on the break, so don’t miss a minute of the action.

  10. Justin Kao, NY USAB A. One of the most underrated players in the tournament, Justin has a great basketball IQ to go along with quick hands on defense and a picture perfect jumpshot.  He is going to be a big key if the team wants to get back to Monday action. Kao doesn’t fear pressure, he thrives in it.

  11. Henry Lam, NY Falcons Red.  Lam is Atlas strong, as he carries the other Falcons on his broad shoulders.  He can go to the basket, he snares rebounds like they were going out of style, and he can shoot the rock from midrange.  At the Friendship level, Henry may be the most unguardable player in a one on one situation thanks to his sheer strength and his finesse game. 

  12. Denny Lee, NY Legends.  Most of you know Denny as the NACBA Co-Chair, some of you know him as the big man in charge of the NY Rockits, others know him as the host of the NYC 3-on-3 extravaganza, but let’s remember that he’s also a part of the NACBA’s Top 30.  The MVP of last year’s Master division, Lee is a scorer, ballhandler, and inspirational leader on the court.  Watch as Denny shows the young kids that he’s still got game.

  13. Kevin Lee, Washington CYC B.  For the past 10 years, this NACBA Top 18’er has been giving it his all each time he stepped onto the hardwood.  An excellent athlete with ballhandling wizardry, Lee’s unselfish nature is a great fit for a CYC team brimming with pure shooters.

  14. Kimberly Lee, Toronto Black Dragons. The 2008 Liberty MVP and the 2010 Women’s Open MVP, Lee is at the pinnacle of her game.  With range extending to 25 feet and confidence to take the big shots, I’m not sure that she couldn’t compete in the Men’s Elite division.  A down to earth young lady with splendid scoring ability, Kim is a must see. Check rock.

  15. Kyle Lew, NY Young Life Rockits. Kyle is quite the young man.  He understands the game, is calm under pressure, and plays tougher than his 5-7 build would suggest.  He really gets after it on the defensive end and directs the traffic on offense. Lew has a nice little post up game as well.

  16. Darren Liu, Markham FCCM. Darren was the hands down MVP of the Open last season.  Don’t let his quick smile and cordial demeanor fool you because he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Once the game gets started, this star guard will be the first one to tear into the scorebook.  Darren has wicked range. 

  17. Moses Ma, Phila Fastball A.  As the starting PG for Grace University this past season, Ma showed the hard work and floorgame that made him an All-NACBA selection in Toronto.  As tenacious, strong, and determined as a bulldog, Moses is on the short list of dynamo PG’s to watch.

  18. Timmothy Mak, Philly Young Suns. At about 220 pounds, Tmmmak is a huge order for any team to handle.  I watched him transform himself from a shy 8 year old kid at a church afterschool tutoring program into one of the most difficult matchups in the Youth division and in the buffet line.  With an arsenal of inside moves and the skill to snap the strings from ultradeep, Mak is a player to watch.

  19. Korey Mui, Boston Knights Juniors.  Mui is the future of the Knights.  A 6-3, 155 lb. threeman, he can rattle in jumpers and run the break with the best of them.  With a few seasons of AAU experience in his pocket, this sophomore will be the young leader of a team that should finish in the Final Four.

  20. Jimmy Ng, NY Junior Rockits.  This lightning quick guard is the next big thing in the Big Apple.  He’s already years ahead of where most kids are at his age.  He sees the floor well, has a jumper that’s true, and has speedy hands on defense.  If you watch only one Youth game this tournament, make sure it’s a Rockits game.

  21. Tracy Ng, NY Lady Rockits. Doctor T plays every game is if it were her last.  It’s not often that you see the largest player on the floor diving, hustling, and tumbling onto the floor, but Tracy is willing to sacrifice her body for the love of the game.  Effective in the post and from the perimeter, Ng is a good candidate for another All-Tourney selection this year.

  22. Kevin Redmond, Boston Hurricanes AAU.  A gutsy wingman, Redmond turned in sweet performances at last year’s Toronto NACBAIT and at this year’s Pre-NACBAIT Classic.  Redmond has a sly crossover move that leaves the opposition scratching their heads in wonder as he weaves his way to the basket.  Kevin is also an underappreciated outside shooter.

  23. Stephen Tee, Cali Davis Dynasty.  Take one look at Stephen and you just know he’s got to be a pretty good ball player.  Athletic and fearless, he is willing to take it to the cup amongst bigger players and D up against the top perimeter players on opposing squads.  And he’s also got a smooth midrange pullup in transition.

  24. Tracy Tiao, SF ArcAngels.  This former MVP is not just another pretty face.  She’s got supreme baller talent to go with those model looks.  A great athlete with tremendous anticipation, she gets the job done time and time again.  Tracy’s complete game solidifies the ArcAngels as one of the 2011 Women’s Open favorites.

  25. Derrick Tsou, NY Maximum Output.  On a team full of superstar quality guys who can do it all, Tsou is an overlooked commodity.  He’s a little bit streaky, but when he gets it going, he can really chalk up some big numbers.  Take a moment to check out some of Derrick’s games this weekend. He won’t disappoint. 

  26. Christine Vuong, Toronto CCYAA A.  One of the few players to have taken part in every Women’s NACBAIT since its inception in 1999, Vuong remains a major force on the circuit.  She has dribbling showmanship, finishes in transition, and makes excellent decisions against ball pressure.

  27. Eddie Wang, NY RL Cruisers.  Eddie is a deadly weapon who perfectly complements the Tony and George twin towers duo.  Positioning himself wisely on the court, opponents must choose whether to double team the pivot and leave the Wanger wide open for an automatic swish, or let Tony fatten up the stats via man to man single coverage.

  28. Keith Wang, Washington CYC A.  Keith spent the past few years living in Hawaii, lounging on a beach sipping Pina Coladas out of coconuts.  His play really suffered, as he was not in tip top shape.  Now, he’s back in Maryland and working out 5 days a week.  Wang’s dropped 20 pounds and is showing flashes of the old Keith who used to dominate the Men’s division at 17-18 years old.  Keith doesn’t miss from the corners. 

  29. Matt Xie, NY USAB 18. The MVP of the Pre-NACBAIT Classic Juniors division, this rookie surprised everyone with his play.  A 6-2 hybrid forward, Xie has excellent shot selection and can play against taller players on defense.  In order for USAB to start a new Chip streak, Matt is going to need to play at a high level.

  30. Kenny Yu, NY Rockits AIA. If Kenny has fully rehabbed himself to his pre-Achilles injury self, then expect the Rockits to be the team emerges with the Men’s Open title.  A NACBA Top 18’er, Kenny’s collegiate level experience (Rutgers Camden) gives him the talent and poise needed to be an impact player at any level.

  31. Richard Zhu, Toronto CCYAA Seniors. I know, I know. Richard is on this list every year.  But how can I leave him off when he’s the single biggest reason that CCYAA has dominated the Seniors circuit?  Richard is as complete a player as there has ever been.  Expect another MVP trophy to be put in his showcase.