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T.O CCYAA Seniors Makes Headlines Capturing NACBA Title

It seems that everyone is afraid of Richard Zhu and the Toronto CCYAA Seniors. Teams just seem to compete in other divisions, or move up to the Masters 45 & Over division to avoid facing the CCYAA dynasty. Heading into 2011’s Boston NACBAIT, CCYAA had won 6 of the past 7 titles, due in no small part to Mr. Zhu’s efforts. This year, only a lonely quartet of teams signed up in the 35 & Over bracket. On Saturday, as expected, Toronto finished 3-0, followed by the Boston Knights, Boston Warlords, and Montreal MMAC. After watching the games on Saturday, most onlookers in the know figured that the Knights were the only team mildly capable of putting the pressure on CCYAA.

On Sunday, the #1 v #4 game was a matchup for the people with the different colored money as Toronto CCYAA and Montreal MMAC met up. This one wasn’t close at all, as CCYAA breezed through and rested their starters for later in the 39-16 romp. Jeff Fong (11 pts) and Stan Ong (14 pts) were the leading scorers. The #2 v #3 game looked to be a little closer as two Boston teams squared off for some baked beans. Defensively, the Knights knew they had to stop the Warlords from going bonkers behind the 3-Point line if they wanted to go to the big game. They were more than up to the task, allowing the Warlords few second chance points and only 1 three for the entire game. Swingman Rich Wong (8 pts) and PF Jason Ng (5 fouls) propelled the Knights to the win, 28-17. Joe Yen was the best for the Warlords with 7.

At long last, it was Chip time. The Knights would look to end Toronto’s ruthless domination of the Seniors division. Of all the teams Toronto has faced over the years, the Knights possessed the exact type of team that could give CCYAA trouble. Definitely the most athletic team the Seniors division has ever seen, the Knights had speed, youth, and jumping ability on their side. Boston would look to run and pressure the ball at every opportunity. Meanwhile, Toronto had Richard Zhu on their side. They would try to be patient and exploit the mismatches. Toronto only really used 5 players when it came down to it, so foul trouble and depth could be issues if they didn’t play their cards right. It would be a test of wills to see who could force the other team into playing their style of roundball. At the start of the game, Toronto’s gameplan was definitely to go to their moneyman Mr. Zhu. At a solid 6-5 and 250lbs (with skills honed from playing professional hoops in China), there wasn’t much any of the Knights could do against him one on one. Richard got a few buckets here and there, but the Knights really controlled the pace of the game, causing the out of breath CCYAA team to turn the ball over much more than one would anticipate. They pressed the ball, forcing it out of Stan Ong’s hands as much as possible. Speedy Mike Yee (9 pts) was a man on a mission, and that mission was to disrupt the Toronto offense. On offense, All-NACBA pick Rich Wong controlled things for Boston, either penetrating or dishing to Samson Lee (9 pts), who was popping strings from all over the hardwood. Jason Ng was a beast on the offensive glass, and everything was just going the right way. Toronto was tired and down by almost double digits at the half. Boston could see themselves popping champagne in a locker room celebration, if they could only keep it up for 20 minutes. But Toronto CCYAA is not a team that you can take for granted. CCYAA decided that they were not going to lose this game. They decided to man up, and abandon the zone. Just as it looked like they were going to make a move, Stan Ong twisted his knee. Everyone fell silent as Ong had to ride the pine. Toronto looked deflated, but in a Willis Reed moment, Ong pushed through the pain and stepped back onto the court a few minutes later. No guts, no glory; Ong sliced through traffic for a picturesque 7 foot floater and the lead was vanishing. With the score all knotted up with 3 minutes to go, Zhu made an impossible turnaround fadeaway to give the CCYAA Seniors a 2 point lead. This was shaping up to be a game for the ages, as Toronto had not ever been pushed to this extreme. Zhu fouled out. Ong was on his last leg. It was right there for Boston to grab. Down by 2, 36-34, with about 10 seconds to go, the Knights had the basketball. With only one possession left, do you go for the tie, or do you go for the win? Who do you hand over the reins to? You go with the guy that got you there, and the Knights went with Rich Wong. Wong lives for moments like these. He rose up for a three that would put the Knights into the record books with their first ever NACBA title. The release was clean, and it looked true as the gym collectively fell silent. Luckily for Toronto, the ball glanced off the front rim. They snagged the board and made one more free throw for a final 3 point margin as they let out a huge sigh of relief after the 37-34 win. This was truly one of the greatest Championship games ever played. Thank you to both teams for giving us a dramatic and well played game. MVP Richard Zhu led CCYAA with 14. Another title for Toronto, as they will try to earn their sixth consecutive next year in Vancouver!

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