• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.

This year a record breaking 80 teams have registered for the 2010 NACBAIT.  With Championships to be won in 9 divisions, there is sure to be something for everyone.
Written By: Mike Mon


This discussion could begin and end with the utterly dominant Toronto CCYAA Seniors.  6-5 Richard Zhu (4 time MVP, NACBA Top 30) is very good and we all know that.  He will also have large amounts of help from shooting star Stan Ong, athletic SF Carlton Tenn, and the quick hands of David Kuo.  The Chicago Dragons Seniors return with same group, and will look to wiry strong Henry Yue and sweetshooter James Chow for buckets.  The Boston Knights 35’s have  relatively youthful gang of Seniors, as NACBA Top 30 C Ed Chu will be surrounded by big Kin Yun, PG Walter Ho, PF Jason Ng, and fastman Samson Lee.  Montreal MMAC looks for a big return to the division after a year off and will be the youngest team in the Seniors.  They’ll have some size in Qian Zhang and Tom Pang.  Markham FCCM also makes a return.  They don’t have much height so they’ll need to rely on the three and excellent teamwork to advance.  5-8 Jeff Chan should be their top model.  The final team this year in the Seniors will be the Winnipeg Storm Seniors.  Eli Chan and Kiet Ong are the go to guys on a balanced squad.