• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.

Written By: Mike Mon
Here are 30 players you will want to check out at this year’s 30th Annual North American Chinese Basketball Association Invitational Tournament.

  1. Kenny Ao, Toronto Dragons: This two-time All-NACBA selection is simply a scoring machine.  Ao can get to the basket and finish with contact thanks to awesome hang time and an advanced application of geometry in his backboard usage.  Kenny can also hit the jumper, so defenders need to pay attention to him from the moment he gets his paws on the ball.  He should be able to lead the hometown Dragons deep into the playoffs once again.

  2. Joe Carlini, Chicago Dragons Wing Wor: Last year, the Dragons were able to reach the Finals without their leading scorer, Mr. Carlini.  This year, his return puts them right up there with Seattle in the most favored category.  With Andrew Tsai (MIT), Larry Li (DePaul), Tony Ling (Northwestern U), and Damean Clinton (Wyoming) providing Joe with great teammates, Chicago’s got one of the most talented perimeter crews around. 

  3. Kevin Chang, NY USAB 18’s: Kevin’s praises have gone somewhat unsung the past few years, as he has played a great second fiddle to Menley Khuu (NACBA Top 18’s) and Devin Figueroa (2009 MVP).  Kevin is probably the best all-around talent in the division, as his long 6-1 frame and a lifetime of AAU experience has given him the confidence to know he can get things done as the pressure builds.

  4. Andy Chen, Montreal MMAC Mars: Andy is the quintessential little big man.  Despite standing only 5-9, he regularly takes it in among the big boys and more often than not, he emerges victorious.  With a surplus of tenacity and toughness, Chen should be able to do pretty well in this year’s Friendship.

  5. Joe Chin, NY USAB B: Little Joe’s brashness and swagger defy the traditional USAB mantra, but this kid can back up whatever happens to spill out of his blabbermouth.  A poised player who knows how to take and make big shots, the 5-6 Chin (Baruch College) is going to be one of the best ball handlers in the Open division.

  6. Kauk Robert Chin, NY United East: Robert is a 5-8 dynamic guard that can change a game’s tempo in a jiffy.  His crossover in transition is a great weapon, and his on the ball defense can disrupt the opposing team’s flow.  If he gets going, count UE in as a challenger for Monday. 

  7. Ricky Choi, Washington CYC B: This string popping lefty is one of the most deadly shooters in the tournament.  With the ability to drive to the bucket, hit pull-ups, or swish deep 3’s, Choi is undoubtedly going to be the main man for CYC B in Toronto.

  8. Brian Chow, Toronto CCYAA Youth: Brian is the first assistant coach (or head coach for that matter) to make this list in 30 years.  As buddy Solomon Tenn has been busy with work obligations recently, Chow has been doing his best to help CCYAA repeat in the Youth division this year.  On a team with only 2 returnees (Jose Wong Nomura and Cody Lee), Brian has spent innumerable hours trying to mesh the new faces into a legit contender. If hard working G Andy Tan adapts to the system, and if shooter Zach Chen can recover from surgery in time, Chow and Tenn just might pull off a 2nd title.

  9. Cadie Chu, NY Force: The 2009 Liberty MVP spent this past season playing a big role for Queens College.  She had some airtime on the ESPN network, so the bright lights of the Womens Open shouldn’t be any big shock for her.  She can pop from deep; she can drive to the hole with ease, and don’t even think about fouling her as she nailed down 15 of 17 in last year’s title game. A very talented young lady.

  10. Thomas Cui, NY USAB Youth: Thomas could be the next great talent on a long list of USAB greats.  This high scoring combo guard can pick opponents clean, plays the passing lanes with superb anticipation, and knows the game better than most of his peers.  Cui looks to bring USAB back to their expected place at the podium.

  11. Tommy Cung, Maryland Pistons: Despite being the best player in last year’s Youth 15’s division, Tommy’s Pistons were unable to capture the coveted championship in Florida.  So now the quickfooted wizard with the rock has had a year to lament his team’s upset at the hands of the USAB Warriors in last year’s Semis.  We expect Tommy to take no prisoners this time around.

  12. Jason Ham Rodney, Montreal Kaitas A: Jason was one of the most jaw dropping players we saw in the 2008 Mens Open as he led the Kaitas to the title game before losing to SF CCU. This 6-0 do everything pointman is a maestro on the hardwood. He dribbles into traffic and emerges unscathed, he shoots the lights out, and he even ventures into the paint to fight for rebounds. A current player at South Suburban College in Illinois.

  13. Eric Fong, Winnipeg Storm: Eric is a highly regarded player in his region, as he was recently named to the 2010 All Manitoba High School 1st team.  Standing 6-2, he has the height to see over most opposing guards.  This will be your chance to see a prodigy in the making, as Winnipeg has not sent a team to the NACBAIT since 2004.

  14. Tony Hu, NY RL Cruisers: The MVP of this year’s Pre-Nationals, Tony was also recently named to the NACBA Top 30 list.  Despite drawers and closets full of trophies, this guy is as humble as they come.  Tony makes scoring buckets look easy as his game in the trenches is on par with the best ever.  A newly discovered face up game only makes this lethal weapon him even more deadly.

  15. Acer Huang: Back when Acer used to be Blazer, he was one of the NACBA’s top scorers.  But as he has matured as a player, he has figured out how to have a positive impact on the game without firing up mass quantities of shots.  A solid guard at 5-10, Acer can hang with the best and defend top notch competitors.

  16. Tweety Ho, Montreal Magic: Tweety is a real player.  She handles ball pressure without batting a lash, she can distribute to open shooters, and she can score if her team needs some punch.  If you only have the time to watch one Liberty matchup, make it a point to watch a Montreal game.

  17. Jessica Liang, Los Angeles Aiya: This former D-II All American has shooting range that extends deep into threepointland.  Her quick trigger finger allows her to rifle shots towards the bucket before the defense knows what hit them.  If Aiya is able to return to their Championship glory days of a couple years ago, then Jess will definitely have to bring her “A” game.

  18. Daniel Liu, Washington CYC A: The 6-4 model (UCSD) has really done well for himself since last year, as his resume now includes shoots for JCrew, Tommy Hilfiger, Bloomingdales, GQ, Esquire, etc.  His interior defense, rebounding, and smooth stroke helped CYC return to the Final Four last year.  With the addition of 6-5 Brian Liang and the comeback of sharpshooting 6-0 Keith Wang (Gettysburg College), Washington could get over the hump in 2010.

  19. Darren Liu, Markham FCCM: Darren is one of the premier guards on the circuit.  He plays with a passion, as if every game were the last game he might ever play.  Liu can knock down the midrange, he can take it to the hole, and he can sink the triple.  On defense, his ferocity is usually rewarded with stops.  You might not know him if you’re not from Canada, but take the time to watch D in action.

  20. Kevin Ngo, Phila Suns B: Kevin looks to follow up a very strong Pre Nationals performance with a true breakout at the Nationals.  He is a solid as a rock midrange shooter and a physical defender who plays the game at both ends.  His efficiency might be the factor that determines how well Philly does this year.

  21. Niveal Pastrana, Toronto Dragons: Although the big news in Toronto hoops is the Dragons merger with the Blackoi, it may be Niveal who stands to benefit the most.  With the rest of the team attracting all sorts of defensive attention from other teams, the athletic Niveal will be left with unobstructed routes to the basket.

  22. Tuan Tang, Phila Fastball A: Tuan hopes to follow up his 2009 Friendship title (Suns C) and MVP performance by leading the newly formed Fastball team to a good start in their first NACBAIT.  A sneaky scorer with the ability to do a little bit of everything, Tuan exploits the opposition by lulling opponents into lethargy and then launches his globespinning trifecta when they least expect it.

  23. Kelly Tiao & Tracy Tiao, SF ArcAngels: The Tiao sisters are an incredible duo for the ArcAngels, having led Frisco to back-to-back NACBA titles. Kelly (UCLA) is an NACBA Top 10’er, while baby sister Tracy (2008 MVP) has won a pair of chips in the two tourneys she has played in.  There’s no sibling rivalry here, as Kelly and Tracy really know how to work together on the big stage.

  24. Jason Wu, NY ISS Flights: Jason could easily dominate the juniors division this year, but since ISS was unable to form an 18/Under team, he’ll take his athletic and ever improving skill set to the Friendship division.  His presence, in concert with 6-4 PF George Tang (NACBA Top 18’s) and 6-1 PG William Hu, makes the Flights our pick to win it all in Toronto.

  25. Quentin Wu, Cali Davis Dynasty:  An All-NACBA pick last year, Quentin was a one man wrecking crew for the Dynasty as they advanced to the playoffs.  Combined with a steady midrange touch, Q’s lefty and righty floaters make him almost unguardable in a 1 on 1 situation.  This year, he’ll have a little more help from his supporting cast, as former All-Tourney pick Joe Tang looks towards a return to the team. 

  26. Bao Run Yu, NY Crossbearers B: Bao had an absolutely fantastic Pre Nationals, torching his opponents with better than 60% shooting from the field.  A veteran guard with court savvy, he knows how to space the court for good open looks.  If Bao can continue his torrid shooting clip, the Crossbearers B could go deep in 2010.

  27. Austin Yuen, Seattle Bladerunners:  All Austin knows how to do is win.  He has played 3 years and each year, the Bladerunners have ended the tournament by cutting down the nets.  Playing professionally overseas in numerous countries has taught him how to play against a variety of opponents, so nothing fazes the 2009 Elite MVP and NACBA Top 30’er.

  28. Kin Yun, Boston Knights Senior: Big Kin was a unanimous choice for the All-NACBA team in Ft Lauderdale as he was able to consistently grab great inside position to finish plays and snag tough caroms.  A longtime stud on the 9 man Chinese volleyball circuit, Kin is a true two sport standout.

  29. Eddie Zheng, NY Young Life Rockits:  Because he stands 6-2 and the vast majority of his Lilliputian teammates are under 5-10, Eddie is oftentimes asked to do a whole team’s worth of work in the paint.  He is quietly efficient on offense and has learned to become a stellar defender as well.  He might be the best big man in the Juniors.

  30. Richard Zhu, Toronto CCYAA Seniors: This mountain of a man (NACBA Top 30) has transformed the CCYAA 35 & Over team from an also ran into the annual favorite.  His competitive nature extends beyond the game of basketball, as he has opened one of the top restaurants in the Markham area, and he has also become a celebrity on the airwaves with his radio broadcasts.  Watch Richard operate with ease on the court, as his multifaceted game makes the most difficult game seem like a shoot around for him.