• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.
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28 Players to Watch in 2008

The 28th Annual NACBAIT is the ultimate extravaganza of Chinese basketball. Here is a guide to 28 players to catch in action this year.  In alphabetical order, here are this year’s featured twenty eight.

1.  Joe Brush, Boston Knights A.  Joe will be looked upon to lead the Knights back to the playoff glory they had back in 2006.  He will probably have to do it this year without 6-10 Michael Dong, but Joe will take on all comers.  He’s got a solid post game, can pop strings from the outside, and has a fabulous handle for a 6-4 guy.  He is the essence of the word “mismatch.” 

2.  Stephen Chang, Arizona Desert Jade.   Stephen came out of nowhere to draw raves in his first NACBAIT last year with some heroic performances.  With his physical gifts, aggressive mentality, and fabulous treyball stroke, he was an easy choice for All-NACBAIT.  Along with Dave Clarke and Bennett Woodward, Arizona has the best collection of swingmen around.  Catch this guy in action.   

3.  James Chen, Toronto Titans.   2K7’s Open Consolation MVP, 6-9 James is a caged beast waiting to be released at any moment.  He completely owned the boards last year and finished inside with some shockingly smooth post moves.  If he continues his development, this team could take the Open title this year.

4.  Jordan Chiang, Toronto Dragons A.  It took him a couple years to make the adjustment from Juniors competition to the Men’s level, but this dynamic PG showed last year that he may have finally put it all together. He can slice and dice with the best of them, and he hits impossible shots a la Tony Parker.  Despite his small size, Jordan’s a top level baller.   

5. Robert Choy, Chicago Dragons Senior.  After awhile, not much more can be said about someone.  Robert is a top tier scorer who can score in flurries.  An all-around player on offense and defense, he is the heart and soul of a proud Chicago franchise hoping to make some noise this year after a sub par Mesa NACBAIT.

6.  Ryan Dunn, SF Duke.  Ryan fills it up in the scoring column in the blink of an eye.  His midrange is on cruise control, he’s got a reliable turnaround jay, he has postgame, and he can create his own scoring opportunities as needed.  Watch as Ryan seeks to help the Duke return to a Monday appearance after a disappointing finish in Arizona last year.

7.  Stosh Eng, Phila Suns Master.  Stosh is a deadeye shooter if you ever saw one.  He has a trademark look-away set shot that gives opponents fits.  Well into his 50’s, Stosh continues to hoop it up a couple times a week and still plays in the storied Philly summer league, where his team took the title last year.  The last time his team was in action, they won the 2002 NACBAIT Senior title.  They now hope to make a strong showing in the inaugural Master 45’s division. 

8.  Thomas Fang, SF Wildcats.  One of the most intriguing names out there.  We will finally see what the hype machine is all about.  Athletic 6-5 swingmen don’t come around every day, so be sure to see what makes this Cal Berkley player a star in the making.  He can slash to the rim for the slam, and he can step out to nail the three.  Thomas is going to be a guy everyone will want to watch.      

9.  Devin Figueroa, NY USAB 15.  As the most polished player in the Youth division, Devin makes USAB the favorite to repeat as 15 & Under champs.  With an awesome 3-point shot and a great understanding of the game, his impact on the game is undeniable.

10.  Tweety Ho, Montreal MMAC Magic.  A 2 time all-NACBAIT selection (2004, 2007), Tweety is the glue that holds Montreal together.  A fantastic combo guard capable of playing in the Open division, there is not a thing she can’t do on the court.  If she gets some help in the frontcourt, the Magic could contend for some Liberty hardware.

11. Ted Hom, NJ Pirates.  This guy has the motivation to stay in shape at an age when most guys his age are sitting on the couch channel surfing.  Despite being overshadowed by backcourt mate Beaver Ho for all these years, Ted has made his mark on the NACBAIT through steady ballhandling and superior defense.  After a second place finish in Arizona, Ted is looking to direct the Pirates back to the top of the standings.   

12.  Richmond Huynh, Phila Suns A.  Richmond has gone from a local playground legend with tons of talent to a top performing guard for the Philly Suns.  Once he learned the basic fundamentals and grasped the much needed team concepts from Coach Harry Leong, Rich’s development increased rapidly and exponentially.  He plays both ends of the court in an unselfish manner and is the emerging leader of this team. 

13.  Kyle Kiang, Seattle Bladerunners. Everybody’s favorite 6 foot 7 crowd pleaser is back, and so are the Bladerunners.  Expect at least 3-4 Youtube quality plays per game from Kyle as he swoops gracefully around the court and above the rim.  And in case you didn’t know, his pops used grew up playing for the hometown Philly Suns.

14.  Menley Khuu, NY USAB 18.  Menley will be the top returning 18 & Under player for USAB as they attempt to capture a 4th straight Juniors titleHe has a great feel for the game, and can score from numerous spots on the court.  Menley will become the first 4-peat player in the history of the NACBA Junior Nationals if USAB can take it home. 

15. Jason Lee, Washington CYC 18.  One of only a handful of players to play in 5 Junior NACBAIT’s, Jason’s experience in the clutch cannot be overlooked.  An all-NACBAIT choice last year, Jason’s leadership skills are invaluable to the DC squad.  He can knock down the jumper on offense, hound opposing guards on defense, and lead his team in the crunch with his intangible qualities.

16Jeremy Lee, SF CCU.  Jeremy’s back this year with his CCU homeboys after spending last season with the SF Duke and garnering yet another All-NACBAIT selection at the 2-guard slot.  He scores points at will, and that’s all you need to know.  With CCU playing in the Men’s Open this year, another Monday appearance looks like a strong possibility for these guys.

17Kalyn Lee, Washington CYC China Dolls. One of the final holdovers from the original CYC China Dolls glory days (1999 Champs, 2000 & 2001 Finalists), Kalyn still brings an intensity and a complete all around game to the table.  She hits the outside trey, sinks the midrange jay, can get dirty down low, and is fundamental on the boards.  Kalyn is a real joy to watch on the court.

18Kimberly Lee, Toronto Black Koi.  After a roller coaster relationship and divorce from the Toronto CCYAA team, she has assembled a mishmash team that will be the clear favorite in the Liberty.  With her long 5-10 frame and her sweet outside touch. Kim should dominate the Liberty division this year as she is out to prove all her naysayers wrong.  She’s the money pick for the MVP this year.

19.  Patrick Lee, NY Rockits U.  A tremendous team player with a nice long distance game, Patrick is one of the unsung heroes for this Rockits team.  He is the x-factor for the U.  While backcourt partner Josh Pena gets all the pub and all the awards, Pat humbly goes about his business playing good d, and does whatever it takes for the Rockits to win without all the chest thumping, yelling and screaming that today’s young players seem to love.

20.  Dennis Liew, NY Young Life Rockits.  Dennis will be the top point guard in the 18 & Under division, with his mix of outside shooting, ballhandling wizardry, and court vision.  If he can mesh with the new system and the talented youngster moving up from last year’s 15 & Under 2nd place finishers, then Dennis could find himself competing deep into the tournament.

21.  Darren Liu, Markham FCCM.  One of the most explosive scorers in the Friendship division, Darren leads Markham in their return to the NACBAIT after they took a year off in Mesa.  Darren is deadly with the midrange, has great 3 point range, and is the team’s best playmaker.  This baby faced killer is going to turn heads this year. 

22.  Tracy Ng, NY Lady Cruisers.  Last year, she and fellow Cruiser dirtydog Diane Wong spent a year with the Philly Lady Suns for the Arizona Liberty NACBAIT.  After their first place finish, Tracy is poised to show her original teammates what it takes to bring home the trophy on the biggest stage.  Using her tremendous size and her flawless post game, Tracy should be without peer down on the low block. 

23. George Tang, NY ISS Flights.  Standing 6-3 with Inspector Gadget arms, George will once again be the most intimidating big man in the Juniors competition.  He absolutely demolishes blocked shots into the wall with such regularity that opposing players are simply scared to drive down the lane.  Coupled with an ever improving offensive game, George should repeat his 2007 All-NACBAIT work. A shot at the finals is not a bad bet either.

24.  Kelly Tiao, SF ArcAngels.  Kelly is a matchup nightmare, thanks to her height and unexpected guard skills. Although she is often forced to do her duty inside, she can and will create from the outside when called upon.  She’s a good ballhandler who can take any post player off the dribble with ease. When a smaller player is put on her, it’s going to be a bucket or a trip to the charity stripe for Kelly.     

25.  Andrew Tsai, Chicago Dragons.  Andrew is unquestionably one of the best 3-point shooters in the tournament. Had it not been for a freak ankle injury in the Semis v/s CYC last year, the Dragons might have won the Championship against the USAB Warriors.  Now, he’s fully healed but Tony Ling still hasn’t fully recovered from his foot injury so it will be up to Andrew and backcourt mate Chris Hugh to make their tourney a success.

26.  Eddie Wang, NY RL Cruisers.  The MVP of the Pre-NACBAIT Classic Elite Division, Eddie made the surprising jump from NY Maximum Output to the cross-town RL Cruisers this year.  His addition gives the Cruisers just what they need- a strong perimeter defender and another outside shooter that will make other teams pay for doubling down on postmen George Chan and Tony Hu.

27.  Mike Yih, Boston Hurricanes AAU.  Only 2 years removed from their NACBAIT Championship, the Hurricanes clearly struggled last year in Mesa as they went 0-3 in pool play and then lost in the first round of the Consolation playoffs to the Suns.  Mike has spent the past few years in China, but he now resides in the SF Bay Area so he won’t have to deal with the major jet lag he has encountered at recent NACBAIT’s.  If Mike produces at his 2004-2005 level, then expect big things from the Canes.  When he is on his game, Mike’s crossover and step back moves are unguardable.  There may not be a more fearless competitor as the clock winds down. 

28.  Richard Zhu, Toronto CCYAA Senior.  The reigning 35 & Over MVP, 6-5 Richard’s game is completely fundamental and completely unstoppable.   This year, he and backcourt marvel Stan Ong will attempt to lead his CCYAA squad to yet another Senior title and his 4th MVP award.