• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.

As we hit the sunny Fort Lauderdale beaches for our 29th Annual NACBAIT, here are 29 exciting players who we think you might want to catch in action this year. Watch all twenty-nine, and you might not get such a bad sunburn.
  1. Fiona Cheng, Toronto CCYAA. The MVP at this year’s Pre-NACBAIT Classic, Fiona led her team to an undefeated 5-0 performance and CCYAA’s first title ever in the tournament. This year’s Nationals will be her second campaign, and she is set to make sure her second one is at least as good as her first. With great fundamentals, an unselfish demeanor, and all around skills, Fiona seems a likely bet to make this year’s All-Tourney team. So while everyone focuses on teammate Cecilia Chan, don’t forget about Fiona.

  2. Sidney Giang, LA Aiya. Sid is a tremendously talented point guard for the team of the decade- LA Aiya. She has the ability to take over a game thanks to a groovy dribbling game, and a terrific jumpshot. Watch her play, and you will notice that she is not just a tremendous player, but she is also a student of the game. Sidney is a pleasure to watch as she runs LA’s crisp offense with a quiet confidence.

  3. Megan Griffith, Phila Lady Suns. Last year, Megan took the tourney by storm as she almost singlehandedly turned the Lady Suns into Cinderella. But due to family obligations, she was unable to attend any playoff action. Megan was the most impressive player in the Women’s division in 2009, with tremendous range on her jumper, a spectacular handle, and some of the top defense we have witnessed to date. This Europro is a must-see.

  4. Kimberly Lee, Toronto Black Koi. This is our pick to be the leading scorer in the Tournament. Kim can really bomb from deep, and she has the height to finish plays down low. After last year’s Liberty MVP scoreapalooza, Kimberly wants to bring out an encore performance in the Women’s Open.

  5. Angie Leung, Toronto Dragons. Angie has always been one of our favorite players. She is as unassuming as they come off the court, but once she steps foot onto the hardwood, it’s like Jekyll and Hyde. She absolutely loves this game, playing every game with all her heart as if it were her last. With one of the best step back moves in the game, and with an indefensible hesitation move, it’s no wonder she was an NACBA Top 10 pick .

  6. Pui Sham, Washington CYC China Dolls. Youngster Pui is a future star in this Tournament. Despite her Cabbage Patch Kid size, Pui can play some hoops. If you take a quick glance at her, you might discount her due to that cute baby face. But if you do that, you’ll be making a grave mistake. As a dribbler, she can go either way with ease. As a defender, Pui is always in the right place at the right time. As a pure shooter, you would be hard pressed to find her some competition. Pui Sham is the real deal.

  7. Jen Sze, SF ArcAngels. Jen is an awesome combo guard who can play a great game of basketball. Last year, Jen’s steady play over 3 days, and her ability to get to the hoop were key for the ArcAngels on the way to their 2nd Title ever. Jen just has a knack for knowing when to pass and when to shoot. Although MVP Kelly Tiao got the major hardware, Jen’s incredible skills were certainly not overlooked. Winner winner, chicken dinner .

  8. Jeffrey Chan, NY USAB 15. Little Jeff is going to be a miniature guy who plays big minutes this year for 2-time defending champion USAB. He’s a fantastic lead guard and a great defensive weapon to have in a division where solid guard play has always been a prerequisite for tourney success. If you watch the young’uns play, Jeff Chan is one kid who will certainly catch your eye.

  9. Andrew Lichtenstein, NY USAB 18. The best biggy in the division, 6-5 Andrew will be a true force inside. USAB will rely on him as they seek to capture their 5th straight 18 & Under Championship. He knows his role on this team, and while he would grab headlines on other teams, he understands that winning takes some sacrifice. Andrew could turn into a great player at the next level.

  10. Jason Wu, NY ISS Flights 18. An explosive and athletic forward, young Wu will be relied on heavily by the Flights. After a letdown 2008 Juniors Tourney, the Flights will be back and pushing for this year’s title. Jason can pop triples, get to the rack for deuces, and on defense he absolutely demolishes shots. He’s a Big Apple crowd favorite.

  11. Nate Brown, NY Maximum Output. An All-Tourney player in 2008 as a rook, Nate was one guy that everyone really wanted to see play. He didn’t disappoint, as his ability to control the game on offense and his defensive prowess were on display for three straight days. As a guard who clearly knows the game, Nate doesn’t do anything out of control as he makes the right decisions time and time again. One of the best defenders in the division.

  12. George Chan NY RL Cruisers. An offensive rebound guru, George hits the boards with intensity and a muscular 6-4 physique. One half of the Tony and George duet, George is often overshadowed but that doesn’t mean he isn’t valuable. His ability to get things done on the down low is crucial to the Cruisers gameplan. He may not get the spotlight, but George is just fine being one of the most underrated players in the NACBA.

  13. Kenneth Hsiung, Markham FCCM. Ken had an awesome tournament in Philly with the Montreal Kaitas, and hopes that the change of scenery will allow his progress to continue. A great shotblocker and intimidating inside presence at 6 foot 4, he will certainly bolster the FCCM frontline. This athletic addition adds immediate credibility to the FCCM organization. We write this now- Ken will dunk ON some unlucky mug this Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to be there when it happens.

  14. Phil Heu-Weller, Arizona Desert Jade. Last year, you watched him and you knew that Phil was a pretty good rookie. A 6-2 kid with PG skills, he was classically suited for Desert Jade’s attack. Now hear this- he was injured last year. Coming off 2 surgeries, Phil is really ready for action. He will now demonstrate what he really can do. He may take over top dog status on this team full of stars.

  15. Hank Huang, Washington CYC A. Hank joins CYC to give them a different sort of look this time around. Whereas CYC used to live and die behind the arc, Hank’s addition will finally give them a big man who can fill up the scoresheet. Hank is deadly once he gets his feet set. Throw in his package of post moves, rebounding, defense, and ferociousness, and Hank’s play just might be the missing link for Washington.

  16. Conlan Kwong, SF Duke/Norcal Hoopaholics. CK is an athletic swingman who causes big matchup problem for opponents. He is tall enough to shoot over shorter players, and he blows by bigger players without a second thought. A pure magician in putting the ball through the rim, Conlan has been prepping for this year’s Nationals with a steady diet of workouts, shooting, Facebook, and yoga. He could have a breakthrough year.

  17. Eric Liao, Toronto Kagers. A high scoring 3man from Canada, Eric gets his points no matter what you do to defend him. He can get to the hole with a great first step, he can stop on a dime for pullups, and he isn’t afraid to shoot the triple. With Carlos Andrade coming in to take some of the attention away from him, expect big things for Eric in 2009 as he should get great looks all weekend.

  18. Larry Li, Chicago Dragons. Larry is as gritty and blue collar as they come. A hard working and insanely skilled former DePaul University player, Larry knows what playing ball at a high level takes. Even though he may not be the Larry Li of 10 years ago (he used to be grossly unguardable), believe me when I say that he can still light you up at any time. With a fancy handle on the rock, and exuding confidence from all pores, Larry is really a sight to see.

  19. James Mao, Texas Ballistics. James’ absence has hurt Texas the past few years, as various injuries and scheduling conflicts just haven’t gone his way. But he will be back, and his return should spark Texas into at least the Elite Eight. A 6-5 swingman, James is blessed with remarkable hops, athleticism, and great ball skills. This guy throws it down with the best of them, and might be the Slam Dunk Contest favorite if we ever get around to doing one.

  20. Nicholas Mui, NY USAB Gold. Nick is the NACBA’s Carl Lewis. Like Carl, he has plenty of gold, having been a part of two 18 & Under Championships, as well as the 2007 Men’s title team. He is also the quickest player in the tourney, running laps around opposing guards. Watching him has always been a speedy blur, and with an improved treyball, Nick’s legend just keeps growing. Catch him if you can.

  21. Ming Wang, NY Rockits AIA. Maybe you call him vertically challenged, or maybe you call him Webster, but Ming Wang is the epitomy of this Rockits team. Undersized, but never backing down from a challenge, Ming brings it each game. He is the NACBA’s best on the ball defender at the PG slot, and a real sight to see. Never at a loss for confidence, Ming Wang directs the Rockits at both ends. Also watch to see if his ever improving outside shot will put him in the elite category of guards.

  22. Austin Yuen, Seattle Bladerunners. Austin may be ready to break out to superstar status in Fort Lauderdale. You might think that with bigs like Jim Shih and Kyle Kiang on his team, Austin doesn’t need to do much. But teams tend to attack Seattle’s guards, thinking it’s the only way of preventing the inevitable post up from happening. So Austin will get a chance to make some big plays, and show us why he has his own basketball trading card in Japan.

  23. Ed Chu, Boston Knights Sr. As crafty as they come, Ed could simply use brute force to beast out inside the paint, but he also has the skill and dexterity to step out and pop 17 footers when he feels the urge. Also a solid rebounder, he gets great position down in the trenches each time a shot is launched. Blessed with a superb knowledge of the game, and a 6 foot 4 inch massive body, Ed is one vet you have to see to believe.

  24. Steve Lee, NJ Pirates. Father time has not slowed Steve down over the years. He continues to play ball with a passion each time he laces up em up. A classic wing player, he races up and down the court with ease, can finish at the rim, and relishes the toughest defensive assignments in the Senior circuit. An unsung hero for the perennially contending Pirates.

  25. Richard Zhu, Toronto CCYAA Sr. This is a man with too many accolades to mention. His name is synonymous with the letters M-V-P. A former professional cager in China, Richard would be one of the top Men’s Division players were he not competing with the Seniors. He’s always a step ahead of the game, and his court savvy is wildly uncommon for a 6-5 player. Richard completes tough plays in traffic, and he makes his teammates better. One of the most impressive players in our history.

  26. Jimmy Huynh, Phila Suns B. This second year combo guard can put points on the board in the blink of an eye thanks to some sweet crossover moves. Jimmy furthered his skills last summer as he dropped in close to 24 ppg in the storied Chinatown Summer League against defenses designed to stop him. With his 3 point daggers and a sick midrange, he’s an exciting kid to watch. He also now works in NY for the ISS program so this may be the last time you see him in a Philly jersey.

  27. Loc Tang, Tuan Tang, Khang Tang, & Tang Vu, Phila Suns C. The 4 Tang brothers will key the Suns C as they look for their high powered offense to carry them far. This team has been practicing hard since September, and the 4 Tangs provide a little bit of everything. 6-3 center Loc was an All-Tourney selection last year as well as the 2k8 NACBA 3-point Champion. Tuan is a 6-1 fantasy basketball prototype- with the ability to score, hit threes, block shots, and handle the ball. Big brother Khang is a wide load down low, and gives toughness to the young team. Tang Vu is the top player, with the skills to get to the basket and finish in traffic against bigger players. Watch the 4 Tang .

  28. Quincy Tso, NY AA. One of the most underrated marksmen in the Friendship, Quincy’s ability to score points should not be in question. Once he sets his feet and squares up, just tally up 2 more points in the scorebook. But he will be asked to do more for this team besides score, as a few last minute backouts will leave the roster looking like an empty cupboard. Along with veteran San Mac, Quincy will need to lead this team like he has never led a team before.

  29. Kenny Yu, NY Rockits Alumni. This former Rutgers-Camden star PG will take a step down to the Friendship division, where he should unquestionably be the best player in the tournament. A former 18 & Under MVP (2003, Las Vegas) and a member of the Rockits AIA for years, Kenny has the ability to compete at a much higher level. He is a rock solid defender, a great floor leader, a penetrator, and can shoot the ball with the best of them. This smooth lefty’s participation makes the Rockits Alumni the team to beat in the Friendship.