• Titans Prevail 18U Div.

    May 25, 2015 - The NY Titans and Markham FCCM Shake Hands Post an Action Packed Boys 18U Championship Game.
  • Canton China to Montreal

    May 25, 2015 - Canton United, Men’s 45+ Basketball Team Travels From Canton China to Play.

    May 25, 2015 - Toronto CCYAA Captures Two Men’s Divisions Championships, 35+ & 45+.

Current 2008-2009 NCAA MEN’S rules apply in all games subject to the following modifications:

    1. Teams will play at least three games throughout the tournament. Men’s Elite and Women’s Open teams will play at least four games. Upon completion of preliminary round robin play, teams will advance to the medal or consolation round based on their seeding

    2. During round robin play, all games will consist of two (2) 18 minute halves. The first half is running time with the last 15 seconds stop time. The last two (2) minutes of the second half is stop time. The clock stops on all made baskets in the last one minute. The clock stops on all time outs. In the playoffs for the Men’s Elite and Women’s Open divisions, each game will consist of two (2) 20 minute halves- beginning with the Women’s Open Semis & the Men’s Elite Quarterfinals. All other playoffs will consist of two (2) 18 minute halves. Championship games (Friendship, Seniors, Juniors, Youth) will consist of two (2) 20 minute halves.
    3. Halftime for all games is one (1) minute.

    4. Each Overtime will consist of a two (2) minute period with stop time for the last minute.

    5. Each team has three (3) time outs per game. These do not carry over into overtime. In each overtime period, each team receives one (1) time out.

    6. One and one bonus free throws will be in effect on the seventh (7th) team foul. Two free throws will be awarded on the tenth (10th) team foul. Players may enter the free throw lane on the release of the ball, while the shooter and any player outside the 3-point line must wait until there is contact. The low block must remain empty at all times.

    7. Players may not wear jewelry, casts, or protruding braces. Taping of jewelry is not allowed. Violation of this rule is a technical foul.

    8. Each team must begin the game with five (5) players.

    9. Each player is allowed five (5) personal fouls and on the fifth (5th) foul that player will be disqualified. After fouling out, a player may not re-enter the game. A team may continue to play with less than five (5) players; however, once a team has three players or less, the game will end and the team will forfeit regardless of the score of the game.

    10. Flagrant fouls will be penalized with free throws and/or ejection from the tournament. Fighting is strictly forbidden and players and/or teams may be disqualified from the tournament. The following penalties will be assessed at a minimum: 1st fight – player/players will be disqualified from the tournament. 2nd fight – team will be disqualified from the tournament. Other penalties may follow at the discretion of the NACBA Board.

    11. 2 technical fouls in one game shall result in automatic ejection and may result in other penalties as decided by the NACBA Board.

    12. Teams are required to be present 1/2 hour prior at their designated court, as game times are only approximate. The penalty for not being at the court at the required time will be one point per minute. Following ten minutes, the game is a forfeit.

    13. Each team must wear uniforms that are of the same color and with distinct numbers designated on the front or back. Failure to do so will result in technical fouls for each player without the proper color and/or number. Each team should have two sets of colored shirts (one light color and one dark color).
    14. All Players must present original documents and photo identification (passport, birth certificates, etc.) that proves age and/or nationality at the request of the Tournament Committee. If a protest is lodged, the burden of proof is on the player to prove otherwise. Failure to do so will result in such player’s disqualification from the game and tournament. All protests must be submitted by the coach and/or team captain by notifying the tournament coordinator in the respective gym before the start of any scheduled game. A $100 cash deposit must be made prior to any protest. If age and/or nationality can not be confirmed at the time of protest, each game that such player has participated in will result in a forfeit.

    15. Players may only participate on one team and only in one division. Any player caught playing on another team within the same tournament will result in the disqualification of such player and each team that he or she played with during the tournament.

    16. After the initial jump ball to begin the game, all jump balls will be decided by the alternate possession rule.
    17. DUNKING and GRABBING THE RIM IS NOT PERMITTED DURING ANY WARM UP TIME OR ANYTIME, EXCEPT DURING THE COURSE OF THE GAME. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a technical foul for each infraction.

    18. TEAM FORFEITS: Any team that forfeits a game either by not showing up on time or walking off the court during a game may be disqualified from the tournament pending the decision of the NACBA Board. In addition, the team and/or organization may also be banned from the NACBA Invitational Tournament for a period of not more than three (3) years.

    19. Tie Breaking Procedure: A) Two team tie – head to head, win/loss between the two teams tied. B) Three team tie – to determine first place: head to head W/L among three teams tied, then total point differential of the three teams tied against each other if necessary. To determine second place: head to head Won/Loss. C) Four team ties – settle the highest ranking team first, then revert back to three team tie break rules, and so on. If any point differential ties exist after taking the sum total of all tied teams, then total point differential of all teams in your division is the next tie breaker.

    20. Point Differentials: The maximum number of points counted for point differential purposes is 15 points. Blowouts are NOT encouraged.

    21. Work Teams: Teams are required to work their assigned games during preliminary play and during the single elimination playoff/consolation round of the tournament. Failure to do so shall result in forfeit of the team’s next game, disqualification from the tournament and a ban from the NACBA Invitational Tournament for a period of not more than two (2) years plus loss of the team deposit.

    22. Food and Drink: Unless permitted by the facilities, please refrain from bringing food/drinks inside the gymnasium. In addition, please throw all garbage in their proper receptacles. Repeated violations will be penalized accordingly at the discretion of the NACBA Board.

    23. Sales/Concessions: No one may sell any food, beverage, or merchandise without first obtaining written permission from the NACBA.

    24. Conduct: The NACBA has a zero tolerance policy regarding fighting and acts of violence. Please see paragraph 8 for penalties for fighting during games. Any player or team personnel committing an act of violence will be (i) ejected from the game, (ii) disqualified for the remainder of the tournament and (iii) asked to leave the venue immediately. If circumstances warrant, violators will be remanded to local law enforcement authorities. Also, at tournament staff/director’s discretion, any player, coach, team support personnel, tournament participant, or fan exhibiting conduct unbecoming to the event may be subject to disqualification from the tournament and ejection from venues at any time.

    25. Player check-in: First time players/participants and other designated players will be required to check-in on Friday, May 22, 2009. The time and place will be announced at a later date. No player will be able to participate without checking-in prior to the first game. Participation without checking-in may result in a team’s forfeit of any played game.

    26. Other rules: The NACBA Board may make any other decisions in the interests of sportsmanship, fairness, time, etc. These decisions are final.

All other rules: The NACBA Executive Committee will make any other decisions with regards to the 2009 NACBA Invitational Tournament in the interests of sportsmanship, fairness, time, etc. The decisions are final.