NACBA Top 30 Players to Watch in Toronto
The NACBA has released their annual top players you will want to check out at this year's 30th Annual North American Chinese Basketball Association Invitational Tournament. Which of the 30 players will perform to their expectations?
Who Are NACBA's Dirty Dozen?
Twelve unsung heroes who do all the little things under the radar to help put their teams in the best possible position to capture this year’s NACBA Mens Elite title. In honor of these key players, NACBA wishes to acknowledge the Dirty Dozen at this year's NACBAIT.
NACBA Eh! - The 30th Annual NACBAIT Heads North of the Border to Toronto
The 2010 NACBAIT will be making a big return to Toronto during Memorial Day weekend. We expect over 80 teams this year to compete for Championships in 9 separate divisions. Be sure to stay on top of all this year's experience, as many exciting things are planned.
NACBA Top 10 at 10 - The Women Have Game!
2008 marks the 10th year that the NACBA has officially hosted a Women ’s divisions. We honored the Top 10 players of the past 10 years, as well as our Most Outstanding player to date.  These are the players who have made the biggest impact on our tournament.

Where and when is the tournament BBQ/Welcome Party?
The Tournament BBQ/Welcome Party will run from 630-900pm on Friday at Chinese Christian Church & Center's playground. Its on the corner of 10th and Spring in Chinatown. Spring Street is between Race and Vine. The entrance is on Spring Street. There will be food, drink, swingsets and playground things for kids, and some shooting games (3-point shooutout and free throw contest) for the players. You are welcome to bring your friends and family.

What do I need to know about eligibility?
Also at the CCC&C, the eligibility screenings will be held from 645-900pm. All players who didn't play last year, and all new teams must register their players before playing. Original documentation and photo ID is required. If you speak Chinese,then all you need to do is bring your Photo ID. If you are in one one of the age group divisions, you need to bring proof of age eligibility.

Do all teams have to check-in?
Team registration runs from 900-930pm at CCCC. Thats where you let us know your team is here, and you can pick up your programs, schedules, tshirts, player welcome packs, etc.

Who can go to the Captains' meeting?
Captains meeting will be held from 930-1030 at CCC&C. The space is limited so, only 2 reps per team. Everyone else needs to wait outside.

What location is my division playing at?
LaSalle, Temple, and Drexel are the playing locations. This year, we tried to give some variety at each location so you can see teams in other divisions. Each year, we get some suggestions to let teams see other divisions, so we will do it this way this year. The obvious drawback is that you can't scout all the teams in your division. But hey, you cant have your cake and eat it too.

Is there parking at the gyms?
There is street parking at Drexel and Temple. But be mindful of the meters and the posted time limits. They will ticket you pretty quickly. LaSalle has a parking lot. We will have directions for you at the Tournament hotels on Friday afternoon. We will have a welcome person at each hotel to answer your questions.

Will there be trainers on-site?
Trainers. If you want to be taped, bring your own underwrap and tape. The Trainers are there to treat minor injuries and do taping.

Where do we get our Banquet tickets and what if a team requires additional tickets?
Banquet tickets. Tickets will be distributed at the captains meeting. tickets will be required for banquet admission. The locations are separated into 3 places, and divided by divisions. Each team has the number of tickets that were submitted on their original roster. Late additions were not included, as we alread made the dinner blocks. If you require more, then you will have to bargain with other teams.

How do we get into the Tournament Party?
It will be at Patou in Olde City, which is about 6-7 blocks from Chinatown. Keep your banquet ticket receipt. That is what is going to get you into the Club. Its a closed party so you need that ticket. If you have any guests- friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, wife, etc and they want to go, then you will need to give me their names at the beginning of the banquet so I can call and get them put on the guest list.

How far is Atlantic City?
Atlantic City is about an hour away. 45 minutes if you drive really fast.

Do you need a rental car?
It's up to you. You can probably find a random cab near Temple or Drexel. But at LaSalle, it would be tough to get one. Plus, everyone is going to be trying to snag the taxis near the hotel. My suggestion would be to rent the car. But that's just me.

Do the uniforms require numbers on both sides?
Uniforms only need a number on the back. If its on the front, its helpful. We are considering making it a requirement beginning next year, but not at this time.

How many games do the teams have each day?
Everyone will play either 2 games (Liberty, Youth, Juniors, Seniors, Mens Open, Friendship) or 3 games on Saturday (Elite, Masters, Womens Open) depending on your division. On Sunday, it is single elimination. The Final Four for the Mens Open, Mens Elite, Womens Open are on Monday beginnning at 9, and ending around 4pm. The Monday Championship games will all be held at Drexel on the Main Court, with awards ceremonies to follow each Championship Game.

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